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The Timber Girls thumbnail
The Timber Girls eAudiobook
Rosie Archer / Tamsin Kennard Available 12th October 2022

1942. Working in the greengrocers and playing the piano in the pub isn't fulfilling 19-year-old Trix..

A Family's Duty thumbnail
A Family's Duty eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Anne Dover

1938 Britain and Germany are on the brink of war and tension and fear is felt throughout Europe. In ..

The Splendour thumbnail
The Splendour eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover Available 7th October 2022

It is 1931 and once again Europe is heading towards disaster. Life must go on however and a new gene..

A Mother's Choice thumbnail
A Mother's Choice eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover Available 7th October 2022

For ten years Delia has had to fend for herself and her son Jack and as a young unmarried mother lif..

The Rose Queen thumbnail
The Rose Queen eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover Available 12th October 2022

1938. Cadi is chosen to be Rose Queen in the annual Rose Fete. She is thrilled but deep down she is ..

A Family Secret thumbnail
A Family Secret eAudiobook
Libby Ashworth / Katy Sobey Available 7th October 2022

Lancashire 1842. Sixteen-year-old Bessie works long hours as a weaver in Blackburn helping to suppor..

Lavender Road thumbnail
Lavender Road eAudiobook
Helen Carey / Annie Aldington Available 6th October 2022

Lavender Road boasts a pawnbroker a pub two rows of terraced working class homes and at one end the ..

Polly's Angel thumbnail
Polly's Angel eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

1936. Polly's guardian angel has to work overtime when her large family is forced to move from the c..

A Valley Dream thumbnail
A Valley Dream eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin Available 6th October 2022

1935. At 36 Bella Porter is dependent on her abusive cousin Thomas acting as his unpaid servant. But..

Sarah's Gift thumbnail
Sarah's Gift eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Taryn Ryan Available 5th October 2022

In Western Australia Sarah chuckles as she describes her final will and testament - which will throw..

A Shop Girl's Christmas thumbnail
A Shop Girl's Christmas eAudiobook
Rachel Brimble / Willow Nash

Christmas should be the happiest time but at Pennington’s dramas are seething beneath the surface...

A Sister's Secret thumbnail
A Sister's Secret eAudiobook
Mary Jane Staples / Annie Aldington

An impetuous decision to marry has left the young Lady Caroline widowed and with two estates in her ..

The Apple of Her Eye thumbnail
The Apple of Her Eye eAudiobook
Pam Evans / Julie Maisey Available 4th October 2022

February 1945. When April Green's father is killed by a bomb life without him is hard to bear. April..

The Beggar Maid thumbnail
The Beggar Maid eAudiobook
Dilly Court / Annie Aldington Available 4th October 2022

From the age of eight Charity Crosse has been living with her grandfather and begging on the streets..

A Wartime Welcome at Rookery House thumbnail
A Wartime Welcome at Rookery House eAudiobook
Rosie Hendry / Patience Tomlinson Available 17th October 2022

October 1940. When VAD nurse Evie narrowly escapes being killed in an air raid during the London Bli..