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Crash & Burn thumbnail
Crash & Burn eAudiobook
Lisa Gardner / Jennifer Woodward

My name is Nicky Frank. I’m in hospital after crashing my car. The only thing that I can think abo..

I'm Watching You thumbnail
I'm Watching You eAudiobook
Karen Rose / Jeff Harding Available 15th October 2022

Kristen Mayhew the Chicago Public Defender's office star prosecutor is no stranger to success. With ..

Faceless thumbnail
Faceless eAudiobook
Vanda Symon / Toby Webster

Worn down by a job he hates and a stressful family life middle-aged middle-class Bradley picks up a ..

Jail Break thumbnail
Jail Break eAudiobook
Ross Greenwood / Annie Aldington

Katie committed a terrible crime but now she's done her time and is determined never to go back behi..

Grace Is Gone thumbnail
Grace Is Gone eAudiobook
Emily Elgar / Kate Rawson

Meg and her daughter Grace are the most beloved family in Ashford the lynchpin that holds the commun..

Quicksand of Memory thumbnail
Quicksand of Memory eAudiobook
Michael J. Malone / David Monteath Available 7th October 2022

Jenna is trying to rebuild her life after a series of disastrous relationships. Luke is struggling t..

Real Tigers thumbnail
Real Tigers eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Seán Barrett

London's Slough House is where disgraced MI5 operatives are reassigned to spend the rest of their sp..

Everything is lies thumbnail
Everything is lies eAudiobook
Helen Callaghan / Maggie Mash Available 6th October 2022

Sophia's parents lead quiet unremarkable lives. At least that is what she's always believed. Until t..

Dead Men thumbnail
Dead Men eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Cornelius Garrett

Former SAS trooper turned undercover cop Dan 'Spider' Shepherd knows that there are no easy solution..

Desperate Measures thumbnail
Desperate Measures eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Megan Soh Available 5th October 2022

She put her life on the line for her family. But now it’s time to pay the price. All Malee wanted ..

Bad Actors thumbnail
Bad Actors eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Seán Barrett Available 1st March 2023

A governmental think-tank whose remit is to curb the independence of the intelligence service has lo..

And So It Begins thumbnail
And So It Begins eAudiobook
Rachel Abbott / Olivia Vinall

Cleo knows she should be happy for her brother Mark. He's found someone new after the sudden death o..

Heartbreak Hotel thumbnail
Heartbreak Hotel eAudiobook
Jonathan Kellerman / Jeff Harding

At nearly 100 years old Thalia Mars is a far cry from the patients Alex Delaware normally treats. Bu..

The House Across the Lake thumbnail
The House Across the Lake eAudiobook
Riley Sager / Stephanie Cannon Available 24th October 2022

Casey Fletcher a recently widowed actress trying to escape a streak of bad press has retreated to th..

Confidence thumbnail
Confidence eAudiobook
Denise Mina / Rona Morison Available 14th November 2022

When Lisa Lee a vulnerable young woman vanishes from a pretty Scottish seaside town Anna and Fin fin..