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The Last Breath thumbnail
The Last Breath eAudiobook
Denise Mina / Katy Anderson Available 29th January 2020

Glasgow, 1990. Paddy Meehan's relaxed Saturday in front of the TV is shattered when the police knock..

Hush Hush thumbnail
Hush Hush eAudiobook
Laura Lippman / Katherine Fenton Available 11th February 2020

Melisandre - rich, beautiful, possibly insane - has to live with the knowledge of a devastating even..

Last Resort thumbnail
Last Resort eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

After thirty years of service, former Chief Constable Bob Skinner faces the possible end of his poli..

The Greatest Knight thumbnail
The Greatest Knight eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Christopher Scott Available 9th February 2020

From humble beginnings and a narrow escape from death in childhood, William Marshall steadily rises ..

I Shall Wear Midnight thumbnail
I Shall Wear Midnight eAudiobook
Terry Pratchett / Stephen Briggs

Tiffany Aching, the young witch from The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith is back in ..

The Time Traveller's Guide To Medieval England thumbnail
The Time Traveller's Guide To Medieval England eAudiobook
Ian Mortimer / Jonathan Keeble

The past is a foreign country: this is your guidebook Imagine you could travel back to the 14th cen..

Personal thumbnail
Personal eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding

Jack Reacher walks alone. Once a go-to hard man in the US military police, now he's a drifter of no ..

Night School thumbnail
Night School eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding

In the morning, they gave Reacher a medal. And in the afternoon, they sent him back to school.Night..

Never Go Back thumbnail
Never Go Back eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding

After an epic and interrupted journey all the way from the snows of South Dakota, Jack Reacher has f..