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Goblin Quest thumbnail
Goblin Quest eAudiobook
Philip Reeve / David Thorpe

Another fantastically exciting novel set in a land of magic from the award-winning Philip Reeve. The..

The Canterbury Tales thumbnail
The Canterbury Tales eAudiobook
Peter Ackroyd / Seán Barrett Anita Wright Available 28th June 2024

A motley group of travellers meet at a London inn on their way to Canterbury where they agree to tak..

A Game of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire Book 1) thumbnail
A Game of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire Book 1) eAudiobook
George R.R. Martin / Roy Dotrice Available 28th June 2024

ONE OF THE TIMES’ 25 BEST AUDIOBOOKSHBO’s hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R. R. ..

Foundation and Empire thumbnail
Foundation and Empire eAudiobook
Isaac Asimov / William Hope

WINNER OF THE HUGO AWARD FOR BEST ALL-TIME SERIESThe Foundation series is Isaac Asimov’s iconic ma..

Manifesto thumbnail
Manifesto eAudiobook
Bernardine Evaristo / Bernardine Evaristo Available 28th June 2024

Brought to you by Penguin. The powerful urgent manifesto on never giving up from Booker prize-winnin..

Tom Jones thumbnail
Tom Jones eAudiobook
Henry Fielding / Robert Lindsay

Penguin Classics presents Henry Fielding's Tom Jones adapted for audio and available as a digital do..

No Quarter Given thumbnail
No Quarter Given eAudiobook
Neil Broadfoot / Angus King

Jennifer MacKenzie being hit by a car was a tragic accident. Or so it seemed. Until Connor Fraser is..

This is Where I Say Goodbye thumbnail
This is Where I Say Goodbye eAudiobook
James Craig / Joe Jameson

Work goes on the backburner for Inspector Carlyle as he tries to manage his father's final days. But..

Into the Valley thumbnail
Into the Valley eAudiobook
James Craig / Joe Jameson Available 6th July 2024

To everyone's surprise John Carlyle has been promoted to Commander. The new job comes with its own o..

The Nameless Ones thumbnail
The Nameless Ones eAudiobook
John Connolly / Jeff Harding Available 5th July 2024

In Amsterdam four people are butchered in a canal house their remains arranged around the crucified ..

Whatever Gets You Through the Night thumbnail
Whatever Gets You Through the Night eAudiobook
Charlie Higson / Charlie Higson

Most people travel to Corfu to escape the real world and embrace the fantasy of sparkling blue water..

Tilly Trotter Widowed thumbnail
Tilly Trotter Widowed eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

Tilly was first a rich man's mistress then a frontier wife and now a widow. With her two children ha..

The Girl thumbnail
The Girl eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

Her name was Hannah Boyle but to the people of the village she would always be 'The Girl' - Matthew ..

Something to Hide thumbnail
Something to Hide eAudiobook
Elizabeth George / Ben Onwukwe Available 6th July 2024

A Nigerian born detective sergeant working for the Metropolitan Police is found unconscious in her o..

Crow Moon thumbnail
Crow Moon eAudiobook
Suzy Aspley / Sarah Barron Available 23rd August 2024

Strathbran Scotland. A village steeped in folklore and impenetrable mists and a horrifying mystery. ..