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Her Secret Son thumbnail
Her Secret Son eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover Available 7th March 2023

Cock Shield Farm 1881. After Molly Geary finds herself pregnant with landowner Angus McBain's child ..

The Splendour thumbnail
The Splendour eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

It is 1931 and once again Europe is heading towards disaster. Life must go on however and a new gene..

A Mother's Choice thumbnail
A Mother's Choice eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

For ten years Delia has had to fend for herself and her son Jack and as a young unmarried mother lif..

A Family Secret thumbnail
A Family Secret eAudiobook
Libby Ashworth / Katy Sobey

Lancashire 1842. Sixteen-year-old Bessie works long hours as a weaver in Blackburn helping to suppor..

The Land Girls of Goodwill House thumbnail
The Land Girls of Goodwill House eAudiobook
Fenella J. Miller / Julia Franklin Available 15th December 2022

August 1940As Autumn approaches Lady Joanna Harcourt is preparing for new guests at Goodwill House -..

A Dinner of Herbs thumbnail
A Dinner of Herbs eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover Available 7th January 2023

Roddy Greenbank was brought by his father to the remote Northumberland community of Langley in the a..

Tilly Trotter Widowed thumbnail
Tilly Trotter Widowed eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover Available 14th December 2022

Tilly was first a rich man's mistress then a frontier wife and now a widow. With her two children ha..

Threepenny Dreams thumbnail
Threepenny Dreams eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Nicolette McKenzie Available 10th December 2022

Recently widowed Hannah Firth is still young enough to dream of a new life. When her spiteful daught..

Silver Wishes thumbnail
Silver Wishes eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Catherine Harvey Available 20th January 2023

Lancashire 1895. When her controlling stepfather suddenly dies it seems that Elinor Pendleton finall..

A Time to Remember thumbnail
A Time to Remember eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin Available 14th December 2022

1945. War is over and people are celebrating but in the small town of Rivenshaw in Lancashire Judith..

A Valley Secret thumbnail
A Valley Secret eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin

Lancashire 1930s. When her mother dies leaving her an old sewing box and a clue to her father's iden..

The Orphan's Dream thumbnail
The Orphan's Dream eAudiobook
Dilly Court / Annie Aldington

Mirabel Cutler was raised by her father to be a lady. But when he dies suddenly Mirabel finds hersel..

Daughters of Penny Lane thumbnail
Daughters of Penny Lane eAudiobook
Ruth Hamilton / Marlene Sidaway

In 1946 Alice Quigley returns to her childhood home on Penny Lane having lost her house in Bootle an..

Christmas at Tuppenny Corner thumbnail
Christmas at Tuppenny Corner eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Holly Flynn / Anne Dover

Liverpool 1939. As winter descends on Tuppenny Corner and rumours of war float across the canals 15-..

A Pennyworth of Sunshine thumbnail
A Pennyworth of Sunshine eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Marie McCarthy

Three people all escaping harsh pasts come together in the Australian Bush. Irish Keara Michaels arr..