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No Quarter Given thumbnail
No Quarter Given eAudiobook
Neil Broadfoot / Angus King

Jennifer MacKenzie being hit by a car was a tragic accident. Or so it seemed. Until Connor Fraser is..

Into the Valley thumbnail
Into the Valley eAudiobook
James Craig / Joe Jameson Available 6th July 2024

To everyone's surprise John Carlyle has been promoted to Commander. The new job comes with its own o..

The Nameless Ones thumbnail
The Nameless Ones eAudiobook
John Connolly / Jeff Harding Available 5th July 2024

In Amsterdam four people are butchered in a canal house their remains arranged around the crucified ..

Something to Hide thumbnail
Something to Hide eAudiobook
Elizabeth George / Ben Onwukwe Available 6th July 2024

A Nigerian born detective sergeant working for the Metropolitan Police is found unconscious in her o..

Crow Moon thumbnail
Crow Moon eAudiobook
Suzy Aspley / Sarah Barron Available 23rd August 2024

Strathbran Scotland. A village steeped in folklore and impenetrable mists and a horrifying mystery. ..

Swan Song thumbnail
Swan Song eAudiobook
Elin Hilderbrand / Laurence Bouvard

After 35 years as the Chief of Police on the island of Nantucket Ed Kapenash's heart can no longer t..

The Death Season thumbnail
The Death Season eAudiobook
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin

When DI Wesley Peterson is summoned to investigate a killing he assumes that it is a routine case. B..

Searching for Sylvia thumbnail
Searching for Sylvia eAudiobook
Joanna Stephen-Ward / Oliver de Rohan Available 28th June 2024

1864: Suddenly left as the head of the family Kitty McKenzie must find her inner strength to keep he..

The Borrowdale Body thumbnail
The Borrowdale Body eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Julia Franklin Available 2nd July 2024

Two days before an auction of the contents of High Gates House in Borrowdale Christopher Henderson b..

Cry Baby thumbnail
Cry Baby eAudiobook
Mark Billingham / Mark Billingham David Morrissey Robert Glenister Available 25th July 2024

It's 1996. Detective Sergeant Tom Thorne is a haunted man. Haunted by the moment he ignored his inst..

The Dark thumbnail
The Dark eAudiobook
Sharon Bolton / Lisa Coleman Available 26th June 2024

When a baby is snatched from its pram and cast into the river Thames off-duty police officer Lacey F..

The Mercy Chair thumbnail
The Mercy Chair eAudiobook
M.W. Craven / John Banks Available 3rd July 2024

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin . . . Washington Poe has a story to tell. And he needs ..

Murder at the Monastery thumbnail
Murder at the Monastery eAudiobook
Reverend Richard Coles / Reverend Richard Coles Available 3rd July 2024

Canon Daniel Clement has suffered a secret humiliation and to recover takes respite at the monastery..

The House of Eyes thumbnail
The House of Eyes eAudiobook
Kate Ellis / Gordon Griffin Available 15th July 2024

When Darren Hatman reports his daughter Leanne missing DI Wesley Peterson isn't too concerned. Howev..

A Cotswold Casebook thumbnail
A Cotswold Casebook eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Caroline Lennon Available 26th June 2024

A suspicious funeral a fatal encounter at a garden centre of all places and a country walk marred by..